Time to Offer Ukraine and Georgia a Path to NATO Membership
Both countries have sought to clean up the scourge of corruption and modernize their militaries, became regular participants in various NATO exercises, and discussed their interest in joining the Alliance.
Mark Temnycky
Czechs Deluged by Russian Disinformation After Spy Brawl
Russian diplomacy alleges open lies and disinformation from the Czech Republic
Pavel Havlíček
EU Icepack; Swedish Wolf Warrior Win;
In This Issue: Europe dithers, the G7 makes China a priority, and wolf warrior activity in Sweden
Edward Lucas
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China’s BRI began in 2013 in 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan, without coordination from Moscow. Only later did Beijing see it fit to massage Russian sensitivities, with the 2015 agreement between Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union & the Silk Road Economic Belt 🇷🇺 🇨🇳 #PartnershipWithoutSubstance

🇷🇺🇨🇿 "Russian diplomacy alleges open lies and disinformation from the Czech Republic, which it says has several other reasons for publicizing the case now" @Pavel_Havlicek_ https://cepa.org/czechs-deluged-by-russian-disinformation-after-spy-brawl/

🇨🇳 The G7 summit spotlights China, wolf warrior watch in Scandinavia, and Chinese cyber-espionage against Russia. All of this and more in the latest China Influence Monitor by @edwardlucas and @CodaStory https://cepa.org/eu-icepack-swedish-wolf-warrior-win/

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