Missed Targets: the Struggles of Russia’s Missile Industry
The country’s hi-tech defense industry is laboring to raise production, with some success. But its efforts are running into trouble.
Maxim Starchak
The Tide Retreats from Russia’s IT Sector
Four months after the war started, Russia has admitted it lacks IT specialists. But its proposed solution might only benefit the country’s neighbors.
Irina Borogan
Madrid Muddle
NATO needs to be serious. Nothing else matters
Edward Lucas
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"Long term, these efforts from the G-7 and others will leave the Russian economy incredibly weakened," @apolyakova of @cepa tells @nickschifrin. https://to.pbs.org/3ypuSS0

“Countering a Swedish-Finnish bid for NATO membership has been a perennial Kremlin goal. That now looks to have failed as the countries seem poised to join.” @MartinKragh1 https://cepa.org/sweden-and-finland-brace-for-russian-backlash/

WE ARE HIRING – CEPA is looking for an innovative and experienced thought leader to serve as the Director of the Transatlantic Defense and Security program, building communities of interest and developing innovative policy solutions to transatlantic security issues.

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