Post-Summits — What Have We Learned?
CEPA fellows and staff explain what the meetings in the UK, Belgium, and Switzerland have revealed.
China and Russia Build a Central Asian Exclusion Zone
China and Russia are about to introduce a new order in Central Asia while the West is preoccupied elsewhere
Emil Avdaliani
West Off the Rocks
Disaster is averted — now what?
Edward Lucas
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🇺🇸🇪🇺 The stakes have been high during President Biden’s tour of Europe. @LaurenSperanza speaks to @WPReview about transatlantic defense and security, reinforcing the political alliance between the U.S. and Europe, and responding to the rise of China.

🇺🇲 “Worse, the thinking in the White House seems to be that the U.S. should “park” the Russia issue in order to concentrate on China. That would be a mistake. Russia does not want to be parked.” @edwardlucas

Last week #DentonFellows got to meet the wonderful @LaurenSperanza to discuss #NATO2030 prior to the #NATOSummit. Thank you for leaving us with some food for thought! @cepa @NEDemocracy

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