Fresh Winds
Putin’s war is transforming European security. But not yet fast enough.
Edward Lucas
Iran Gives Russia Two and a Half Cheers
Iran’s rulers enthusiastically seek to destroy the liberal world order and therefore support Russia’s aggression. But they can’t manage full-throated support.
Emil Avdaliani
Sweden and Finland brace for Russian Backlash
Countering a Swedish-Finnish bid for NATO membership has been a perennial Kremlin goal. That now looks to have failed as the countries seem poised to join.
Martin Kragh
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🇺🇦 “There is an urgent need to demilitarize Russia and that means more arms for Ukraine.” @andersostlund #StandWithUkraine️

"It is the aggressive actions, the threatening rhetoric by Russia that has made so many nations in Europe decide to go for NATO membership." @jensstoltenberg discusses the possibility of Finland and Sweden applying for @NATO membership at the 2022 #NATO Youth Summit.

TODAY 12 PM EDT - Will the end of military non-alignment for Finland and Sweden reshape the European geopolitical landscape? @SWEambUSA @SwedeninUSA @FINambUS @FinlandinUSA and @kvolker discuss the potential consequences.

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