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Only the United States can reinforce Europe’s frontline quickly. Don’t take it for granted
Edward Lucas
Time to Offer Ukraine and Georgia a Path to NATO Membership
Both countries have sought to clean up the scourge of corruption and modernize their militaries, became regular participants in various NATO exercises, and discussed their interest in joining the Alliance.
Mark Temnycky
Czechs Deluged by Russian Disinformation After Spy Brawl
Russian diplomacy alleges open lies and disinformation from the Czech Republic
Pavel Havlíček
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LIVE NOW - @apolyakova & @AndreiSoldatov discuss the Colonial Pipeline hack and Russian cybercrime.

STARTING SOON - Join @apolyakova and @AndreiSoldatov on @TwitterSpaces to discuss the Colonial Pipeline hack and Russian cybercrime.

“What do Ukraine’s Western backers, along with international financial institutions, do now? There is a compelling argument for the international community to grasp this moment of crisis and seek to propel reform forward despite this setback.”

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