Russian Propagandists Regain Footing on Ukraine
Russian information outlets are recovering from a bad start. How can they be countered?
Thomas Kent
Russian Political Warfare Is a Rising Menace
Russia’s military may have been badly damaged but that will mean other tactics will come back into play.
Alexander Crowther
Europe’s Tech Regulations May Put Free Speech at Risk
European legislators have agreed on a landmark Digital Services Act to combat online illegal speech. But the bill threatens freedom of expression.
Joan Barata
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“Time matters: we must win the war not in three years, or even one, but in months. Each day that passes means more crimes and victims — and the reinforcement of the legions of appeasers.” @NTenzer

“It’s so important that independent journalists, researchers, writers, artists from Ukraine have the possibility to keep working,” @fromTGA. As the Kremlin cracks down on dissenting voices, CEPA is helping Ukrainians continue to spread the truth about Putin's war in Ukraine.

We are thrilled to announce @Cyberdefensecom as a new CEPA Fellow! A former Research Scientist with the Cyber Operations Research Element (CORE) @ArmyCyberInst, Jan has expertise in emerging cyber threats, cyber strategy & defense, and the military utility of cyber. Welcome, Jan!

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