West Off the Rocks
Disaster is averted — now what?
Edward Lucas
Opportunities to Avoid an EU-U.S. Tech Tax War
There are signs that the EU and the U.S. may be moving closer on international tech taxes.
Luisa Scarcella
Two to Tango – A Transatlantic Technology Alliance
Allies need to comprehend that there is one ambition they share which should prevail over all others
Michał Rekowski
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🇺🇸🇷🇺 “But Russia does not want to be parked. It wants to drive noisily down the middle of the road. After recent American sanctions, the Kremlin needs to show that it holds the initiative — and can exercise it.” @edwardlucas https://cepa.org/bidens-europe-summits-words-are-not-enough/

“President Biden is right to seek international collective action. Getting such action will not be any easier just because America has a new President.” @kvolker https://cepa.org/bidens-europe-summits-words-are-not-enough/

Terrific session at #BrusselsForum on the fundamental importance of democratic resilience for collective defense. Cyber, supply chains, info, crisis response, climate all key resilience priorities. I hope today's summit will lead to stronger resilience goals for allies #NATO2030

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