11 October 2016

Peter Doran on Fox News

Peter Doran discusses the implications of Russian interference in the U.S. elections with Happening Now on Fox News.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Russia is attempting to hack the U.S. elections by injecting false leads and fake stories into the public debate.

While this may be a tipping point for U.S.-Russian relations, Doran noted that direct Kremlin interference is not a new phenomenon to our European allies where Russia has long been actively trying to diffuse and confuse.

In order to combat these Moscow machinations, Doran argues that the West must do a better job at monitoring, exposing and disputing Russian propaganda. What is clear, Doran concluded, is that "the era of resets has to be put behind us. It is time for a stronger, more firmer approach that pushes American resolve."

Read the full DHS-DNI joint statement on Russia here.

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