18 January 2018

Janusz Bugajski in Foreign Policy Review

"The Visegrad saga: Achievements, shortcomings, contradictions"
CEPA's Janusz Bugajski pens the opening essay of the the latest Foreign Policy Review from the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. As he writes,

"The original purpose of the Visegrad initiative was for the four re-emerging Central-East European (CEE) democracies to coordinate their pursuit of NATO and EU membership. However, since achieving their primary targets, the Visegrad group has sent contradictory signals on their EU commitments, lacked a coordinated foreign policy, failed to adapt to the new challenges facing NATO, the EU, and the Wider Europe, and lacked a clear and distinct geopolitical identity. Nonetheless, the organization is not defunct and with concerted political impetus and national commitments it can still deliver some important benefits for each of the four participating states as well as for the broader region."

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