08 July 2014

Romania’s “Tipping Point”

Advancing Rule of Law, Governance and Public Leadership
The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) has published a highly anticipated new report, “Romania’s 'Tipping Point' - Advancing the Rule of Law, Governance and Public Leadership.” The report is the result of a yearlong Working Group process led by CEPA Resident Fellow Corina Rebegea, involving more than 30 experts from the scholarly, non-profit and policy-analytical communities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Romania has reached a “tipping point in its post-1989 transition,” said report author Corina Rebegea. “The 25-year anniversary of the demise of the communist regime is a turning point for Romania. The country has come a long way in its democratic and economic development, but some essential transition chapters are still being closed. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a framework for accelerating Romania’s realization of its enormous potential in the areas of rule of law, governance and public leadership.”
CEPA’s President Wess Mitchell said, “Romania is one of America’s most important strategic allies in Central Europe. The report pays tribute to the strides that Romania has made over the past 25 years and shows that the country’s progress is essential to the goal of creating a 'Europe: Whole, Free and at Peace.' This work is more critical than ever given events in Ukraine.”
The report argues that Romania’s opportunities, if seized with energy and persistence, could measurably improve its economic performance, the well-being of Romania’s citizens and the resilience of its institutions to the benefit of itself and the wider region.   
The full report is available here (in English) and here (în română).