01 December 2015

CEPA Roundtable on Cybersecurity: "Cyberphobia"

CEPA hosted a roundtable discussion on cybersecurity with Senior Vice President Edward Lucas. At a time when high-profile breaches of government and private-sector computers make headline after headline, Lucas’s latest book, Cyberphobia, could not be more timely.
Acclaimed on its launch in the UK earlier this year, Cyberphobia has drawn praise from both privacy advocates and national security experts. Studded with real-life anecdotes and investigations, the book poses profound questions about our dependence on the Internet. "The Internet has become the central nervous system of our civilization," says Lucas. "But it has for decades developed with convenience and innovation in mind, not security." Now our dependence on inherently unreliable computers and networks is increasing fast—far faster, he argues, than our ability to defend ourselves.