Keith Smith
AUTHOR:Keith Smith
27 May 2014

Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe

Science-Based Decisions and U.S. Best Practices in Hydraulic Fracturing

In a groundbreaking report, CEPA’s Keith C. Smith and Marta Sikorski evaluate how best practices in hydraulic fracturing from the United States could be applied to a CEE context. The authors argue that a science-based approach to the fracking debate can help policymakers and the public better determine the risks, benefits and future of domestic shale gas development in the region.
As the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) consider developing domestic shale gas as an alternative to Russian energy imports, Europe’s fear of fracking has emerged as a major challenge to strengthening regional energy security. This report highlights the potential strategic and economic benefits that shale gas could bring to CEE states as it address many common misperceptions about the dangers of fracking. It concludes that the implementation of new technologies and regulatory approaches from the United States could ease concerns over environmental or public health risks associated with fracking in a CEE context.