Jakub Grygiel
Marcin Zaborowski
17 March 2016

NATO allies should ramp up their role in fortifying the Alliance

Poland is no exception.

CEPA convened a seminar to publicize the findings of its Enduring Allies report. This public event featured report author and CEPA Senior Fellow Jakub Grygiel, Professor Eliot A. Cohen, from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University and CEPA Vice President Marcin Zaborowski.

The event considered Russia’s recent revisionist moves and the danger they pose to NATO’s eastern flank. This places a premium on deepening bilateral security links with the United States for allies like Poland. An under-examined way of achieving this is through defense industrial cooperation. One of the report’s key findings examined during the discussion was that allies who produce defense systems together, are more likely to stay together in the event of a national security crisis. A beneficial link of greater defense industrial cooperation between Poland and the United States is that it would increase the likelihood of a U.S. deployment to Poland in an emergency.

The seminar took place in Warsaw on March 17, 2016.