The CEPA Russia Program

Understanding the Kremlin and its strategies
The Russia Program at CEPA builds on the institute’s existing regional specialization and analysis of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by covering questions of statecraft, strategy, and counter-disinformation east of NATO and the EU.
Combining innovative analysis and policy research with new media content and outreach, the program examines the leading trend lines and topics that are shaping Russia’s domestic politics, its relations with the West, and its use of hard- and soft-power. What is driving Russia’s revisionist policies toward Europe and the United States, what can we learn from Russia’s immediate neighbors, and what will the future hold for Russia—does Putinism end with a bang or a whimper?
By addressing these questions today, the Russia Program assists decision makers on both sides of the Atlantic in forming an advanced understanding of ways to move Russia out of its self-destructive revisionism and back into the fold of status quo European powers. The right mix of Western policies, incentives and disincentives have the potential to produce real change inside Russia. The CEPA Russia Program aims to provide new insight into how this can be possible.