01 June 2017

Peter B. Doran on CNN

Peter B. Doran joins Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN to discuss Russia's cyber and information campaign.
Doran argued that Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent suggestion that patriotic citizens, not state-sponsored hackers, may have been responsible for the 2016 DNC and presidential campaign hack is "total hogwash."

Doran went on to say that, "We know that Russia's coordinated cyber and information campaign against the West is top down not bottom up because Russia's own national security documents tell us so. The Ministry of Defense in Russia now has propaganda soldiers that are dedicated to conducting propaganda war against the West. This is Russia's own wording here. Vladimir Putin wishes that he had an army of do-gooders fighting in a patriotic cause on his side. The fact of this matter is he doesn't and we do. Right now in the Baltic states there is a movement of individual citizens - they call themselves the elves - they take to social media and they refute and rebut Russia's propaganda campaigns against us. If anything right now Putin is starting to lose this fight and I would like to see that trend continue."

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