07 July 2017

Peter B. Doran on Fox News

Peter B. Doran joins Fox News' Happening Now with Molly Line to discuss Trump's meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Germany. 
Watch the interview here

Read Doran's full statement below. 

"First meetings between any U.S. and Russian presidents are always historic but they are also where the mistakes can happen. Bush and Obama both terribly misread Putin at their first meeting, Khrushchev misread Kennedy. First meetings between presidents have high stakes but they are also incredibly risky. What is happening right now is that both world leaders are taking the measure of each other. We will see what comes from that meeting." 


"Context is king here. Let's not forget that the president inherited an upside down relationship with Russian because he inherited what occurred in the previous administration. It was President Obama who sent the secret letter to the Kremlin, who started the failed reset and it created the conditions that have turned U.S.-Russian relations upside down. The big goal here for the president is to turn them right-side up. And it begins with this first meeting. Certainly 35 minutes is not a lot of time but let's not forget that President [Trump] has thrown down the gauntlet on North Korea, on ISIS and on finding a solution to the on-going conflict in Ukraine. 35 minutes is not a long time and this is the first of what should be several interactions to help turn the relationship right-side up."


"I think that the president was pretty clear on how he assesses the geostrategic situation. He let us know during his public statements yesterday in Warsaw, speeches that were very well received. Again, 35 minutes is a very short time in which to have a meeting. I don't have a lot of expectations for major breakthroughs. Right now we have seen the handshake seen around the world and that is a start. Both sides can hope that we find a positive outcome in turning this upside down relationship with Russia right-side up. It will be up to Putin as to how he wants to make the next move."


"It is also important to remember that victory does not necessarily mean normalization. At the end of the day, there is a long, hard slog that the United States and Russia have ahead in order to turn their relationship right-side up. The conditions are bad right now. We have an ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we have questions over ISIS and Assad's future in Syria. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and at the end of the day, a handshake does not mean normalization. Normalization comes at the end of a long process, not at the beginning."