05 April 2016

The Ukraine War and Energy Security in Central Europe

The discussion was part of CEPA’s Global Energy Dialogue, an on-going initiative dedicated to developing transatlantic solutions to today’s energy challenges.
The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) convened an expert discussion in Warsaw to consider how the Ukrainian crisis has altered the energy calculations of America’s CEE allies. While countries like Poland are looking to increase their import options through liquefied natural gas (LNG), Russia’s energy giants hope to expand their market reach through new pipeline projects like Nord Stream 2. The energy stakes for U.S. allies in the region could not be higher. Led by CEPA Vice President of Research Peter B. Doran, expert participants examined how Poland’s current efforts to diversify away from sole-source providers are matching up to the perils of Russian dependence; and the key role that America can play in breaking down the geopolitical barriers to CEE energy security.