04 April 2016

Dangers and Deterrence: Preparing for 21st Century Threats

Expert roundtable on Russian military capabilities and the defenses of frontline NATO states.
The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) convened an expert roundtable in Warsaw to consider how the proliferation of security threats from Russia is altering the regional defense environment. Recent examples from Ukraine and Syria demonstrate that Russia’s military is well-armed and capable of achieving swift operational success on the modern battlefield. Exposed allies with potentially vulnerable strategic real estate need to rapidly acquire both the means and the mindset for effectively deterring an aggressive neighbor. From the perils of ballistic missile proliferation to the uncertainties of Hybrid War, countries like Poland do not enjoy the luxury of time in deterring new dangers to the Euro-Atlantic frontier. Led by CEPA Vice President of Research Peter B. Doran, participants considered: the urgency of ballistic missile proliferation and its responses; the role of American forces as an underwriter of extended deterrence in Central Europe; and the capability gaps, which require the most immediate attention on the part of frontline allies like Poland.