29 March 2017

New Dangers, New Strategies

What’s on Deck for U.S.-Lithuanian Security? 
The Center for European Policy Analysis hosted Ambassador Renatas Norkus, Director of Transatlantic Cooperation and Security Policy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania for a roundtable discussion on Lithuanian security moderated by CEPA Fellow Keith Smith

As Russian aggression has escalated in the last decade, the U.S. and Baltic relationship has become even more vital for allied security. In response, Lithuania has doubled its contribution to defense (as a percentage of its GDP)—demonstrating a commitment to multilateral security and resisting Kremlin interference in frontline Europe. Yet what role can and should the United States play in adapting to new dangers? The discussion considered: why Lithuania (and the broader Baltic Sea region) matter for U.S. interests; how is NATO adjusting to new defense threats; what more can frontline allies do; and what is the road ahead for Euroatlantic policies toward Russia?