20 June 2017

A conversation with Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

Land power posture for deterrence in Europe
On June 20, the Center for European Policy Analysis hosted Lieutenant General Ben Hodges for a discussion on land power posture for deterrence in Europe. The conversation was moderated by CEPA Executive Vice President Peter B. Doran and featured insight from State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic Róbert Ondrejcsák

After years of restive peace, the European theater faces a host of new security pressures spanning from nearby conflicts to the shifting military balance. In response, the United States and its NATO allies are adapting how they think about force posture, doctrine and capabilities in order to bolster Europe’s frontline deterrence. Yet, where do we go from here? Questions considered during this discussion included: (1) How is U.S. strategy evolving to address emerging challenges to Central Europe’s security outlook; (2) What is the future of U.S. force posture likely to bring; and (3) What is NATO’s role in ensuring the collective defense of Europe?